Our Environment


Our school stands proudly in the main thoroughfare of Maldon and our school buildings reflect the heritage and history of the time it was constructed, 1873, and of our town, Australia’s first ‘Notable Town’.

We are very proud of the learning environment provided for our students. Following their recent refurbishment the classrooms are bright, creative, stimulating and very well equipped with resources including interactive whiteboards, class libraries and free play areas. We have a dedicated Art room and a multi–purpose space which is used for Performing Arts, the library and assembly which is held each Monday afternoon at 3.00pm.

Outside, the grounds are extensive, with inviting areas for active and quiet play. Our newly installed sports oval, which incorporates a running track, soccer field and cricket pitch, is proving to be extremely popular with our students. A modern adventure playground is covered by a large sail and exercise stations are positioned in another section of the school grounds. There are interesting sculptures and feature gardens, a pond, a fairy garden, a worm farm, netball/basketball court, a games court and grassy areas for ball play and football.  A large sandpit, an under cover quiet area and the availability of space for cubby building and free play means our outdoors spaces offer something for everyone.

Our sports shed is well equipped and maintained and students are encouraged to keep healthy and active by borrowing equipment at recess and lunchtime.