Parent community


All schools need a vibrant and active parent community

Maldon Primary School may be small but it has a very active parent community which participates in all aspects of school life.  Parents are actively encouraged to participate in classroom reading, to assist with excursions and camps, to attend working bees, to promote the school in the wider Maldon community, to assist with the garden, to be involved in School Council, to organise social events for the school community and to engage in fundraising for the benefit of our students.  Parental input is always welcome and encouraged.

Several social functions are held throughout the year including the Welcome Picnic and Special Friends day. These events are usually organised by parents for the parents/school community and are always very popular.

   Father’s Day 2019

Grandparents and Special Friends Day 2019

Mother’s Day 2019 

Maldon Primary School actively seeks opportunities to promote our fantastic school in the wider community. Participation in the Maldon Easter Fair Parade, an Open Day, regular articles in the local Tarrangower Times, Hospital visits, participation in local events such as the Maldon Art exhibition and fundraising stalls at events such as the Maldon Market all serve to showcase and/or raise awareness of our school.  Parents are regularly called upon to assist with such promotion by setting up displays, constructing floats, providing photos of events and/or writing articles, speaking at events etc.



Community Connections 2019

Community Connections 2020

Fundraising is a crucial part of our school and enables us to provide valuable teaching and learning resources for our teachers and students.  Fundraising is coordinated by our School Council but relies heavily on assistance from parents and carers. We have several regular fundraisers including Bunnings BBQ, our annual Market and Fair, the ever popular Shopping Spree and the Race the Train fundraiser. Funds raised through fundraising are spent on updating resources throughout the school such as netbooks and library books.

Fundraising 2019

The more people involved in things around the school the less everyone has to do, so please become involved and contribute to our school. We need all families to commit to helping out with our Market Day fundraiser in term 4 and we would like all families to commit to helping with at least one other fundraising / social event / promotional activity throughout the year, which is not a huge commitment.

The bonus of involvement in the school is that it is great way to meet other parents, a great way to keep in touch with what is happening in the school and a great way to show your children that you value and care about their school and their education.

For more information on how you can be involved, please speak to your classroom teacher or Debra in the office.