Maldon Primary School adheres to the recommendations of the DET to provide children with a strong sport foundation to develop a lifelong love of physical activity. Physical activity for children has been linked to:

  • engaging students in schooling
  • improved fitness levels leading to improved focus and concentration for longer periods of time
  • enhancing self esteem, emotional well being and future expectations
  • higher academic outcomes
  • lower rates of anti social behaviour

Maldon Primary School offers students sporting opportunities both at a school level and at higher levels such as district, division and state.

At a school level all students participate in weekly Health and Physical Education sessions as mandated by the Department of Education and Training (DET). Outside providers are often engaged to expose students to a variety of different sports such as gymnastics, dance, soccer and hockey. The school also holds annual Swimming and Athletics Carnivals where students participate to earn points for their house teams and can qualify to participate in division swimming and athletics events.

At a district level Prep-2 students participate in a Tabloid Sports carnival and a Kickball carnival with students from other schools in our area. Grades 3-6 students participate in four inter-school sport days throughout the year.  The chosen sports vary from year to year but include sports such as football, netball, orienteering, tennis and cross country.

Maldon Primary School Sports sub-committee

Maldon Primary School has a Sports sub-committee which all parents/carers are welcome to become a part of. The sub-committee supports the school sports co-ordinator to organise sports events and aims to provide as many sporting opportunities as possible for Maldon Primary School students.

Swimming carnival 2018

AFL 9s and Netball

Athletics carnival 2018