Maldon Primary School, established in 1873, stands proudly in the main thoroughfare of Maldon, a historic gold mining town in Central Victoria (population 1200). Our main school building reflects the heritage and history of our town, Australia’s first “Notable Town”.

Our school has a safe, positive learning environment where students can be happy, courageous and confident. We explicitly teach (through the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support framework) all our students to be kind, be brave and be your best.

Maldon Primary School’s vision is to be a community of enthusiastic, curious learners who can problem solve and think creatively and critically. We want students to develop strong connections to their peers and the local and global community to ensure a sense of belonging. 

Maldon Primary School has developed close ties to the local community and enjoys support from our local shops and community organisations. The school is always looking for further ways to connect students to the broader community as it strives to provide quality education and enriched experiences for students.