I love the assemblies and the way they are run by the students. I feel it empowers the children and shows them respect.

What is happening at Maldon Primary School?

Maldon Primary School has a current enrolment of 90 students.  In 2021 we welcomed 11 new preps and 10 new students at other levels to our thriving school community.  We have 4 classrooms this year- a grade Prep/1, grade 2/3, grade 4/5 and grade 6. We also have specialist Art, LOTE (Japanese) and Performing Art read more »

Why choose Maldon Primary?

  • Small class sizes which means more individual attention
  • A strong focus on literacy and numeracy
  • Consistent teaching programs across all grades
  • A feeling of belonging to a school where all students know and look out for each other
  • Lots of different learning opportunities from sport to music to culture to camps and more
  • Endless opportunities to interact with the broader Maldon Community
  • A strong senior leadership program