A nurturing environment where students are respected as individual learners and where independence and social interactions are held in the highest regard.

What is happening in 2018?

Maldon Primary School has a current enrolment of 86 students.  We are very excited to welcome 6 new preps to our thriving school community.  We have 4 classrooms this year- a grade Prep/1, grade 2/3, grade 3/4 and grade 5/6.  Our classrooms are supported by a literacy coach one day per week.  We also have specialist art, read more »

Our educational principles

Maldon Primary school acknowledges that each child has unique interests, talents, needs and abilities. Within a multi-age learning environment, our students are encouraged to define themselves through risk-taking, reflective thinking and feedback. They learn to investigate, design, produce and evaluate, utilising parent and community expertise. Co-operative and flexible groupings enhance a caring atmosphere.

Each week the students focus on a whole school behaviour which is based on one of our four values: EXCELLENCE, RESILIENCE, RESPECT AND INTEGRITY. Some examples of the whole school behaviours which are explicitly modeled and taught are “Making good choices”, “Taking risks with my learning”, “Expressing my emotions appropriately” and “Showing appreciation to others”.

Welcome Picnic